Known informally as “the hearth of Grand Avenue Club,” the Culinary Unit is a very busy place. Working together, members and staff plan, shop for, and prepare daily breakfasts and lunches, and Wednesday night dinners, which are served during recreation hours. The Culinary Unit also provides the meals during weekend recreation hours. The superb holiday menus draw many members to Grand Avenue Club on all the holidays as well.

During lunch service, individually made salads crafted with fresh produce, house made soup, and a hearty main dish are available for purchase at an affordable cost. Like many restaurants, our cashiers use a point of sale system to place diners’ lunch orders and our servers plate the food in an upscale lunch counter format.

The unit works to carefully plan nutritional meals in order to meet the dietary needs of our community while also upholding our wellness standard. Unit projects, like Supper Kit, allow people to use the skills learned at GAC to cook healthy, affordable meals for themselves at home.