$20/month Breakfast Club

Your monthly gift of $20 will be used to fund a Breakfast Program at Grand Avenue Club (GAC).

Ninety per cent of GAC members live in what are called “food deserts” in the Milwaukee metropolitan area. Not having access to economical supermarkets that offer fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, and dairy products, many rely on small, expensive grocery stores in their neighborhood. A few relied on McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts in the downtown area.

GAC developed a Breakfast Program whereby any member who arrived at GAC before 9:30 am would have access to a very healthy breakfast buffet consisting of some combination of fruit juices, coffee, healthy yogurts and cottage cheese, scrambled eggs, bagels, and whole wheat cereals (not all at once!). The Breakfast Program served the rather obvious purpose of providing members with good nutrition instead of caloric sugar-laden donuts and cheesy Big Macs! It also got people out of their homes, thereby markedly reducing their isolation and pessimism, both very real for adults who experience serious mental illness. GAC makes people feel needed and we all need that.